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We just wanted to let you know about three brand new bundles we created for your preteen ministry:

1 Year Preteen Bundle
Save 71% on one year of preteen ministry curriculum.

2 Year Preteen Bundle
Save 77% on two years of preteen ministry curriculum, plus 40 games.

3 Year Preteen Bundle

Save 78% on three years of preteen ministry curriculum, plus 80 games.

Here are 5 important qualities of preteens that make them unique. All of them are foundational to our curriculum:

Preteens are beginning to think for themselves. Our curriculum gives them opportunities to hash out their questions and doubts.

Preteens are in transition from childhood to adolescence.
Our curriculum is hand crafted to meet the developmental needs of 4th-6th graders.

Preteens want to "own" their relationship with Jesus. Our curriculum helps preteens take ownership of their faith.

Preteens learn by doing. Our curriculum is loaded with fun games and hands on activities appropriate for preteens.

Preteens need a coach/mentor, not just a teacher. Our curriculum equips the preteen leader to take on the role of a spiritual coach/mentor rather than a teacher.

Learn more about one of our 3 new preteen bundles.

Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth - Preteen

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