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A New Kind of Christmas Series (DOWNLOAD)

A New Kind of Christmas Series (DOWNLOAD)

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A New Kind of Christmas is a fantastic series for Christmas! The series helps preteens see Christmas in a new light. The essence of Christmas is that God is with us - Immanuel. He came to earth in human form as Jesus and he is with us today in the form of the Holy Spirit. A New Kind of Christmas drives home the point in a creative and relevant way that will be a huge hit with your preteens.


  • Cool opening game
  • Creative large group lesson
  • Fun small group activity
  • Small group discussion
  • Series Artwork
  • PowerPoint Slides 



Text: Genesis 1-3 

Where's this going? God is with us in our chaos. 

Summary: The opening lines of the Bible tell us that God is not off in some far away spaceship or throne made of clouds, but God is hovering over the chaos, the face of the deep, the formless and void waters. This is where our new kind of Christmas begins. It is here that God creates, bringing beauty within this chaos, breathing for all that is and all that will be. It is here that God plants a garden. And it is very good. And the story continues, telling of two people Adam and Eve who live in this garden. Only they choose to disobey God. Instead of bringing goodness, they take goodness away. Only God doesn't give up on Gods people or Gods creation. God walks through the garden, calling out Where are you? God comes to them. God hovers over their chaos. Because where is God? God is with us (Immanuel) in the garden, no matter how chaotic it might be.


Text: Exodus 3, Numbers 2 

Where's this going? God is with us in our distress. 

Summary: The people of Israel are slaves in Egypt, crying out to God. And God hears their cry. Because God hears every cry. This is where our new kind of Christmas continues. God rescues Gods people with a resounding Let my people go! and Moses leads them out of Egypt and towards the land they are promised. Wandering in the wilderness, living in tents, God tells Gods people to make a God-tent. Because God is not content to hear a cry, fix it, and leave. God hears your cry and moves into the neighborhood. Gods tent goes in the middle of town, because God wants to remind you that God is always here, always with you (Immanuel), always hearing your cry.


Text: Luke 2:1-20, 24:13-35 

Where's this going? God is with us when we least expect it. 

Summary: Shepherds, angels, and no room in the inn. This is where our new kind of Christmas becomes a bit more familiar. And this is where God does something completely unexpected: God becomes a human baby, born with sheep and cows (not what you would expect for the King of Kings) and celebrated by lowly shepherds (not who you would expect to give him his first hello). This is God with us (Immanuel) in a whole new way, in a way you would least expect. Because in Jesus God keeps showing up where we least expect it.


Text: Acts 2

Where’s this going? God is always with us.

Summary: Huddled in a room, unsure of what’s going to happen next, Jesus closest friends gather to pray. And then they hear a sound, like rushing wind or a deep breath. This is the new kind of Christmas that continues today. This is Gods spirit poured out on Gods people. Where is God? God is with us (Immanuel) and God is within us, as close as our very breath. The Spirit of God continues to empower the church today, inviting us to remember this new kind of Christmas every day and share it with others.

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