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Uprising: Easter Series (DOWNLOAD)

Uprising: Easter Series (DOWNLOAD)

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Uprising – 4 Week Easter Series. What is an Uprising? An Uprising is a revolt or fight against an organized group who claims power and control.

The events surrounding the first Easter caused a huge Uprising.

Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection—when Jesus physically rose up from the grave. Jesus also came to give us new life—with acceptance and freedom from God. Jesus was met with a lot of opposition. There were people that didn’t understand Him, some that didn’t agree with Him, and there were those that crucified Him!

As we look at all the events of the Easter story, we realize that this is the biggest uprising in all of history!

Uprising is a four-week series unpack this idea to preteens.


  • Series artwork
  • Complete PowerPoint slides
  • Fun opening games
  • Creative teachings
  • Hands-on small group activities
  • Engaging discussion questions

Uprising Overview

Week 1: Uprising: Revolt Against ‘Religion’
Bible: Mark 2:1-12, Matthew 22:37-40, Matthew 5:17, John 14:6
Bottom Line: Jesus is the only way to connect to the Father

Week 2: Uprising: Dying for the Cause
Bible: Luke 23:32-43
Bottom Line: Jesus died for a reason: to give hope to the hopeless

Week 3: Uprising: A Risen Savior
Bible: Matthew 28:1-6, Romans 6:4, 1 Corinthians 15:19, Matthew 28:18-20, 2 Corinthians 5:17
Bottom Line: The Resurrection changes everything!

Week 4: Uprising: Rise of the Early Church
Bible: Acts 2, Acts 2:42
Bottom Line: Join the Uprising and Share the Gospel

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