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One Year of Exclusive Preteen Curriculum

One Year of Exclusive Preteen Curriculum

$ 199.00

Get one year of new preteen ministry curriculum designed to help 4th-6th graders explore their faith and wholeheartedly follow Jesus.

For a limited time, you also get a $200 credit to our preteen ministry store (on non-bundle items only) when purchasing the one year of exclusive preteen curriculum.

Everything in the bundle is designed for 4th-6th graders (9-12 year olds).


Get one year of new and exclusive preteen ministry curriculum designed to help 4th-6th graders explore their faith and wholeheartedly follow Jesus.

Series Available Now:

  • What's Next?
  • Unmasked
  • Stuck in the Middle
  • All I Want for Christmas

The rest of our preteen curriculum is currently in development. Our team is hard at work creating new series. Each new series becomes available to you one month in advance, other than Stuck in the Middle. See below for the release schedule and recommended months of the year to use each series.

ONLINE AND IN PERSON: All our preteen curriculum provides options to do the lessons (teaching, games, activities, etc.) online and in-person. If you're meeting in-person, all the games and activities are compliant with social distancing guidelines.

Below is an overview of the release date and recommended month of the year to teach each series.

What's Next?: This 4-week series encourages preteens as they face the challenges of a “new normal” and trust God with their future. This series helps preteens answer these questions: Where do we go from here? What do I do now? Preteens will continue to adjust to a “New Normal” in their homes, churches, schools, and world during the next few months and beyond. This is an opportunity to help them embrace God’s hope and grace as they face the future.

Unmasked: This 4-week series helps preteens discover their true identity as they remove the “mask” that hides their true selves.

Stuck in the Middle: This 4-week series on the many changes preteens are going through as they transition from childhood to adolescence.

Everyday Thanks: This 1-week Thanksgiving lesson helps preteens learn to practice gratitude at Thanksgiving and beyond.

All I Want for Christmas
: This 4-week series reminds preteens to focus on the gifts of Jesus, family, friends, and faith during the Christmas season.

USE IN JANUARY 2021 (Released December 1)
Daniel: Unshakeable Faith
: This 5-week series explores the life of Daniel and the unshakeable faith he displayed through extraordinary trials.

USE IN FEBRUARY 2021 (Released January 1)
Own It
: This 4-week series helps preteens to take ownership of their relationship with Jesus.

USE IN MARCH 2021 (Released February 1)
Friendships: This 4-week series helps students navigate the world of friendships.

USE IN APRIL 2021 (Released March 1)
Book of John: This 4-week series that takes an in-depth look at the ministry, miracles, life and death of Jesus.

USE IN MAY 2021 (Released April 1)
Book of Philippians: This 5-week series on the book of Philippians helps students find joy no matter what circumstances they face.

USE IN JUNE AND JULY 2021 (Released May 1)
Summer in the Psalms - This 8-week summer series dives into the Book of Psalms.

USE IN AUGUST 2021 (Released July 1)
Counter Culture
: This 5-week series shows preteens how Jesus teaches a better way of life that often seems opposite to our culture.


    Want to take a sneak peek at our preteen curriculum? Here's a sample lesson from our new series, ALL IN. Note: Sample does not include small group activity that is included in the new one year of exclusive preteen curriculum.



    EVERYTHING IS DOWNLOADABLE. After purchase, you'll immediately be directed to a download page AND get an email that includes a link to download all the resources. The bundle is only available as a downloadable product.  

    LESSONS COME IN PDF & WORD format so you can edit as needed and share with volunteers.  


    • A fun opening game
    • Creative teaching
    • Engaging small group activities and discussion questions.

    Although the lessons aren't meant to be read word for word (we encourage you to make it your own), included is a detailed script for leaders to follow. In order to accommodate COVID-19, all our preteen curriculum provides options to do the lessons (teaching, games, activities, etc.) online or in-person. If you're meeting in-person, all the games and activities are compliant with social distance guidelines.

    PRETEEN TARGETED. Our curriculum is preteen targeted. Our team knows preteens and what makes them tick. Every single lesson is written with the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental development of 4th-6th graders in mind.

    SERIES ARTWORK includes cover image for promotional use and blank text image for making your own presentation slides.  

    ALL OUR RESOURCES ARE WRITTEN BY PRETEEN LEADERS like you who have a heart to see God move in the lives of students.  

    OUR STUFF IS TOP NOTCH. We don't just throw together an outline and sell it to you. Our team, who has been creating 4th-6th grade curriculum for over 12 years, puts a lot of time and effort creating quality lessons that are jam-packed with more than enough teaching material.


    In-Person or Online Preteen Ministry
    Use our curriculum when doing online preteen ministry or in person. Each series is flexible enough for either option.

    Big or Small Preteen Ministry
    We write our curriculum for both big and small preteen ministries. Whatever the size of your group, you can edit as needed to fit the needs of your preteen ministry.

    All Denominations (and Non-Denominations)
    All our lessons are theologically broad enough for all church denominations (and non-denominations). We stay central to the core truths of Christianity and don't focus on denominational differences.

    Sunday School or Small Groups
    Does your church have an active Sunday School program? Our curriculum is a good fit for you.

    If your group has more than 12 preteens, then use our curriculum as a tool to disciple them in a small group setting.


    Here are 5 important qualities of preteens that make them unique. All of them are foundational to our curriculum:

    1) Preteens are exploring their faith.

    They question what they’ve always accepted as truth and see things from a different angle. They begin to question their faith, and maybe even experience some doubt on certain truths they have previously believed to be true.

    They're beginning to think for themselves. This is actually a good thing. They need opportunities to hash out their questions and doubts.

    2) Preteens are in transition from childhood to adolescence.

    They're no longer kids and not quite teenagers. They're in a constant state of change and transition.

    Preteens are undergoing a massive amount of changes in all areas of their lives: cognitively, physically, socially, spiritually, and emotionally.

    They’re literally morphing into adolescence.

    They think differently than younger kids. Their bodies are undergoing rapid growth (organs, bones, brain, etc.). Friends become a priority. They’re able to “own” for themselves a relationship with God.

    3) Preteens want to "own" their relationship with Jesus.

    Yes, it is possible for preteens to “own” their relationship with Jesus. They’re ready and willing!

    They’re capable of:

    • Taking steps to nurture a relationship with God on their own.
    • Paying attention to what God is doing in and around them.
    • Developing habits like prayer, worship, Bible reading, etc.

    Our job as ministry leaders is to create an environment for God to move in the lives of preteens. Our job is to help them "own" a real vibrant relationship with Jesus.

    In the preteen years, your role is more like a coach rather than a teacher.

    4) The role of a preteen ministry leader is similar to a coach rather than a teacher.

    For many this is a shift in mindset, so let me explain...

    A coach gives guidance, encouragement, and equips players to succeed in the game. But ultimately, the coach sits on the sidelines while the players participate.

    A teacher instructs and communicates information to his/her students with the goal of them "getting it."

    Most preteen ministry leaders think their role is to be a teacher, but that’s not the end goal.

    I'm not saying to avoid teaching preteens. A coach does “teach” the players. You should teach preteens about God, the Bible, and Jesus.

    But a coach goes one step further helping players put into action what he/she teaches. That’s the ultimate goal. Players will take what the coach taught, and then do it.

    Usually, it’s not done right the first time. It takes a little more guidance from the coach and practice from the player.

    The same is true in preteen ministry.

    As you give students opportunities to pray, hear God’s voice, share their faith with friends, worship, etc... they probably won't get it all right.

    But the more they do it, getting encouragement & guidance from leaders, the more natural it will become.

    5) Preteens learn by doing.

    Preteens learn by doing, not just listening to a message

    Preteens love to play active games, participate in hands-on activities that are "cool," and need to be a part of the learning process from beginning to end.

    Our preteen curriculum is loaded with fun games and hands-on activities appropriate for preteens. And of course, we provide options for those still meeting online.

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