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3 Year Preteen Bundle

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  • $ 1,360.00
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Save 78% on three years and $1,360 worth of preteen ministry curriculum, plus 80 games (that each include a Biblical lesson)! 

Everything in the bundle is designed for 4th-6th graders (9-12 year olds).



JUMPSTART ($35 VALUE)This NEW 4-week New Year’s series gives students a boost of faith and hope to approach the new year with excitement and expectation. Each week features a fast-paced, high-energy game that will get your students moving.

SERMON ON THE MOUNT ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series on the teachings of Jesus that give instructions for life, based on Matthew 5-7.

SPRING BREAK ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series that teaches four disciplines that remind us to slow down and take time to be with God. 

THE GOSPELS ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series that explains why each of the four Gospels were written, and what preteens can learn about Jesus from each one of them.

UNSTOPPABLE ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series that encourages students to become determined, bold, passionate, and strategic in their faith.

ROADMAP ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series teaches preteens God’s commands are not a set of rules to keep us bound and from having fun, but rather, a roadmap from a loving God that helps us stay on the right path. 

UNAFRAID ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series shows preteens how their faith can help them confront the fears of failure, rejection, sharing your faith, & the future.

FOCUS ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series teaches preteens what it means to fix their eyes on Jesus.

NEW BEGINNINGS ($35 VALUE)This 4-week series reminds preteens they can always choose a fresh start in their relationship with God and others.

GUARD YOU HEART ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series reminds students that God has a lot to say about the condition of our hearts and why that matters.

SPIRITUAL GIFTS UNWRAPPED ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series helps students recognize and celebrate the gifts God has given them.

OVERCOMING TEMPTATION ($35 VALUE): This is a 4-week series on overcoming temptation.

MADE TO WORSHIP ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series that explores how preteens are “made to worship” God and answers these questions: What is worship? Whom do we worship? How do we worship? When & where do we worship?

A REAL BFF ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series helping preteens choose and become the right kind of friend.

THE POWER OF WORDS ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series focuses on the impact that our words have on our lives and others.

IDENTITY ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series helping preteens find their identity in Christ.

ATTRIBUTES OF GOD ($35 VALUE)This 5-week series that teaches students who God is by studying his attributes.

BIG TIME TRUTH ($35 VALUE)This 4-week series shows preteens how God's Word is like a blueprint for our lives. 

SALT & LIGHT ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series helps preteens become salt and light to the world around them.

WILD RIDES ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series explores faith lessons that can be found at the amusement park.

STRESS ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series helps preteens deal with stress.

FRUIT NINJA ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series that explores the fruit that the Holy Spirit produces in us as we become more like Jesus.

FEARLESS ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series takes students on a journey to see how people in the Bible stood strong in the face of fear.

EPIC JOURNEYS ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series that takes a look at famous journeys in the Bible and what people learned from them.


THE PLACES OF EASTER ($35 VALUE)This 4-week series explores locations that are important to the Easter Story and what we can learn from them.

GOOD NEWS ($35 VALUE): This 4-week Easter series shares how the bad news of Jesus' death meant good news for all of humanity. 

ENCOUNTERS WITH JESUS ($35 VALUE): This 4-week Easter series will help preteens see more of who Jesus is and why He came to earth.

SUMMER BLOCKBUSTERS ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series on four spectacular, blockbuster characteristics of God and how they turned what could have been average moments, into something exciting.

SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series uses the "sports" and "training" metaphors of the New Testament to help students grow in the faith.

SUMMER SCHOOL ($35 VALUE): 4-week SUMMER series equips students with practical tools to study God’s Word over the summer. (Read, Memorize, Study, and Journal)

WELCOME BACK ($35 VALUE): 4-week series helps preteen students begin the school year with the expectation to make a difference in their schools. 

FIRST IMPRESSIONS ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series teaches preteens that leaving a Godly impression on the world matters.

ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series helps preteens to be content in all circumstances and will inspire preteens to show their gratitude to others.

CHRISTMAS PLAYLIST ($35 VALUE): This NEW 4-week Christmas series all about what famous Christmas songs teach us about the very first Christmas. Each lesson includes a fun opening game based on a popular Christmas song. 

HOLIDAY HAPPY ($35 VALUE)This 4-week Thanksgiving/Christmas series teaches preteens how to experience the joy of the holidays all year long.

THE PLACES OF CHRISTMAS ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series that explores locations that are important to the Christmas Story and what we can learn from them. 


20 MESSY GAMES ($25 VALUE)This pack includes 20 MESSY Games. These are sticky, slimy, and muddy games for services and events when it’s okay to be messy. Each game also includes a quick lesson that tackles a "messy" topic based on a Bible verse.

20 5-MINUTE GAMES ($25 VALUE): This pack includes 20 5-Minute Games. These games require only a few supplies, very little prep time, and are a great way to open a service or an event.

20 INDOOR GAMES ($25 VALUE): This pack includes 20 games written especially for indoor use. These games aren't messy and can be cleaned up quickly. So, when the game is finished you can move right into the lesson.

20 NO PREP GAMES ($25 VALUE): This pack includes 20 "no prep" games. You can read them 10 minutes before a service or event, and you'll be ready to go. Most of them require no supplies. But when supplies are required, they're common items that you most likely have on hand.

Here are 5 important qualities of preteens that make them unique. All of them are foundational to our preteen curriculum:

  • Preteens are beginning to think for themselves. Our curriculum gives them opportunities to hash out their questions and doubts.
  • Preteens are in transition from childhood to adolescence. Our curriculum is hand crafted to meet the developmental needs of 4th-6th graders.
  • Preteens want to "own" their relationship with Jesus. Our curriculum helps preteens take ownership of their faith.
  • Preteens learn by doing. Our curriculum is loaded with fun games and hands on activities appropriate for preteens.
  • Preteens need a coach/mentor, not just a teacher. Our curriculum equips the preteen leader to take on the role of a spiritual coach/mentor rather than a teacher.


  • Instant Download – Instantly download all the series contents immediately after purchase. Send the download link to leaders for immediate distribution.
  • Series Artwork (widescreen 1280 x 720) – Includes the main artwork for the series (cover artwork) and a blank text version.
  • Lessons in Both PDF & Word Doc Format – Customize the lessons as needed and easily share with your volunteer team.
  • Leader Script – A lesson script is included with everything written out word for word. We encourage you to use it as a guide, rather than a script. We include a complete script so that you have everything you need to make the most out of each lesson.
  • Format – Each lesson includes an opening game, creative teaching, small group activity and small group discussion questions.

I enjoy purchasing this curriculum for my students. The lessons give me a great base to build from or just use what is there if I am in a pinch. The graphics are top notch and games are provided if that's your ministry model. Always great stuff!!

- Brad Boucher

The outlines, lessons, artwork with these weekly sessions are truly a God send for those of us with full time 'other than ministry' obligations yet wanting more for our students each week. Thank you for such quality products at very affordable costs.

- Kevin Hale

This was our first purchase and I can’t wait to start using this on Sunday mornings! Takes a lot of pressure off of us for prepping each week and it is very spot on for the circumstances we are living through currently. Thanks for the special offer!!

- Libby Allen