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“We are all capable of contributing to the world in a way that makes a profound difference. A rare few go big. Make the big gesture. Take the big risk. Expose themselves on a grand scale. Create and then ride the big wave. 

But most of us, myself included, take a different yet equally valid path. It’s the path of the ripple. 

Simple actions, moments, and experiences.

Created, offered, and delivered with such a purity of intention and depth of integrity and clarity that they set in motion a ripple that, quietly, in its own way, in its own time, expands onward.

Interacting with, touching, mattering to people we’ve never met in ways we never conceived.”

– Jonathan Fields, How to Live a Good Life

Although I don’t believe Jonathan is a Christian, he just summarized what we do in ministry. We make ripples.

In the early days of ministry I wanted to change the world.

I wanted to cause HUGE waves that would point massive amounts of young people to Jesus.

I wanted to go big.

The reality of ministry over the years has allowed me to see things a bit more clearly.

I go for small impact now. I make ripples. Then, God does something cool with that.

Whatever he does with whatever good I initiate or create is up to him.

I simply get out of the way.

I’m removed from the outcome.

I hope what I do makes a difference in the lives of students.

I want to see students in a deep passionate relationship with Jesus.

Connected to each other. Serving those around them.

But my only job is to create ripples.

I believe we’re all in the same boat too.

We’re all making ripples, stepping out of the way, allowing God to do his stuff in the lives of students.

- Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth - Preteen