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Core Curriculum

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  1. Rooted: New & Improved 4-Week Preteen Ministry Series
  2. Priorities: New 4-Week Preteen Series
  3. Acts: New 4-Week Series
  4. Love: New 4-Week Series
  5. Lead Up: New 4-Week Series
  6. Grow: New 8-Week Summer Series
  7. DANIEL: 5-Week Series
  8. Accepted: New 4-Week Series
  9. One Year Preteen Curriculum, Vol 2
  10. One Year Preteen Curriculum, Vol 1
  11. Overwhelmed: New 4-Week Preteen Ministry Series
  12. Conquerors: New 4-Week Series
  13. Rise: 4-Week Easter Series
  14. Own It: 4-Week Series
  15. Friendships: 4-Week Series
  16. Book of John: 4-Week Easter Series
  17. Stuck in the Middle: 4-Week Series
  18. Book of Philippians: 5-Week Series
  19. Summer in the Psalms: 8-Week Series
  20. Back To School: 4-Week Series
  21. What's Next?: 4-Week Series
  22. Unmasked
  23. Forever Changed: 4-Week Series
  24. Weights: 4-Week Series