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Summer means hot sun, pool parties, beach visits, road trips, no school, lots of time with family and friends, and creative activities to keep boredom at a distance!

Summer is also a special time of year that provides our students rest and a break from the routine schedule of the school year.

So, here’s a just-for-fun preteen water game to teach students that God wants them to be refreshed and fulfilled in Him this summer.

- Nick Diliberto, Preteen Ministry



Written by Stef Litzler

Bible: Isaiah 49:10

Bottom Line: God wants His children to be refreshed and fulfilled in Him.


1 Piece of string

• 2 Straws

2 Plastic cups (different colors)

2 Water blasters/water guns Duct tape

2 Five-gallon buckets (filled with water) 

2 Objects at a distance (trees, poles, etc.)

Paper and pen


This is an outdoor water game.

Choose two trees, poles, or any other two outside objects, and tie one end of a piece of string to each for this game.

Make sure the string is around eye height for a preteen.

Put two straws onto the string before you tie the string on each end.

Once the string is attached, tape a plastic cup under one straw with the opening of the cup facing the tree (or object) to which the string is tied.

Then, tape the second cup under the other plastic straw with the opening of the cup facing the other tree (or object) to which the string is tied.

Make sure the cups are facing opposite directions with the bottoms of the cups against one another when the straws/cups are touching.

In addition, make sure the string is level with the ground.

Fill a 5-gallon bucket for each team and place one on each side of the string close to the end of the string.

Divide your students into two teams of equal size.

Place each team on opposite ends of the string.

Have a leader on hand who can use the paper and pen to keep score throughout the game.


Say: We’re going to play an awesome summer game that you’re going to love!

The goal of this game is to get your team’s cup past the other team’s water bucket.

I would like for you to choose one person from your team who will the game first.

That person will shoot a water blaster/water guns at their cup and trying to move their cup along the string, away from their water bucket and past the opposing team’s water bucket.

When one team member successfully moves their cup across the “finish line,” or water bucket, they earn a point for their team.

We will play the game until everyone on both teams has had a chance to play.

The water bucket serves as the marker for the finish AND as the refill for water blasters/water guns.

The team with the most points wins!

If it’s hot outside and you’re feeling like having some extra fun, have them dump the water bucket on their leader to celebrate!


Say: It’s SUMMER!

Summer means hot sun, pool parties, beach visits, road trips, no school, lots of time with family and friends, and creative activities to keep boredom at a distance!

In our game today, we had some fun shooting water blasters/water guns and guiding cups along the string with “streams of water.”

In the book of Isaiah, a major prophet, we hear messages from the Lord about His provision and care for His people.

Read: Isaiah 49:10.

“They will neither hunger nor thirst, nor will the desert heat or the sun beat down on them. He who has compassion on them will guide them and lead them beside springs of water.”

Summer is a special time of year that provides rest and a break from the routine schedule of the school year.

God knows how important it is for us to have rest and “seasons of summer.”

He shows us His provision, compassion and care in all seasons of our lives.

He knows that each season serves a purpose.

Let’s think about the ways that Isaiah 49 helps us to understand God’s provision.

He provides food for us when we are hungry.

And when we hunger for Him, He is there with plenty of Himself to offer!

He provides water for us to drink and water to supply the land.

He quenches our thirst when we need refreshment and more of Him.

For many, the summer brings the scorching sun and heat.

If you’ve ever experienced sunburn, you understand the sun’s power.

If you’ve ever been dehydrated, you know the need for water in the middle of blistering heat.

God promises that He will protect His people from the scorching heat and the beatdown of the sun.

You could be having fun and enjoying the pool, water gun games, the sprinkler, the beach, a cookout, or playing outside and just not realize the effect that the sun has on your body.

Sometimes life can be the same way.

You may be going through the motions and not realize that you’ve become tired, rundown, or “scorched” by things going on in your life.

God is faithful to step in to protect you from these things that can damage your spirit.

He wants to be your guide and show you the way through tough terrain and bring you to beautiful places.

Just as God promised to guide His people beside springs of water in Isaiah, He will be faithful to keep us refreshed as well.

Let God guide you and refresh you this summer!

When you drink an ice-cold glass of water, remember God’s goodness.

When you jump into a pool, lake, river or ocean, remember the refreshing power of God.

When you spray friends with water guns, launch water balloons, or play in the sprinkler, remember that God delights in the fun you have and wants to SPLASH your life with His compassion and love.

Close in prayer.