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Fall & Winter Game Pack (NEW)

  • $ 25.00
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This product, like all our resources, is a download item.

In this game pack, you get 10 Fall Games and 10 Winter Games. Each game is based on a topic and followed up with a lesson.

These games have easy-to-read instructions and the lessons are in "script" format and require little to no prep.

Looking for a way to add a little more awesomeness to your Thanksgiving and Christmas programming?

This game pack will be a great addition to your preteen ministry for the Fall and Winter.

FALL GAMES                    

  • THANKSGIVING - Psalm 34:8
  • TRUST - Ecclesiastes 3:1-2
  • COMMUNITY - 1 Thessalonians 5:11
  • FAMILY - Joshua 25:14
  • FAITH - Isaiah 26:3
  • HOPE - Romans 12:12
  • GENEROSITY - Proverbs 11:25
  • SACRIFICE - Hebrews 13:16
  • PURPOSE - Proverbs 19:21
  • GRATITUDE - 1 Thessalonians 5:18


  • CHRISTMAS - Isaiah 9:6
  • GIFTS - Romans 11:29
  • JOY - John 16:22
  • SERVING OTHERS - Ephesians 6:7
  • EVANGELISM - Romans 10:14-15
  • GOOD NEWS - Luke 2:10
  • LIGHT OF THE WORLD - John 8:12
  • ANXIETY - Philippians 4:6
  • FUTURE - Matthew 6:34
  • JESUS - John 1:29

I enjoy purchasing this curriculum for my students. The lessons give me a great base to build from or just use what is there if I am in a pinch. The graphics are top notch and games are provided if that's your ministry model. Always great stuff!!

- Brad Boucher

The outlines, lessons, artwork with these weekly sessions are truly a God send for those of us with full time 'other than ministry' obligations yet wanting more for our students each week. Thank you for such quality products at very affordable costs.

- Kevin Hale

This was our first purchase and I can’t wait to start using this on Sunday mornings! Takes a lot of pressure off of us for prepping each week and it is very spot on for the circumstances we are living through currently. Thanks for the special offer!!

- Libby Allen