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I just created this video about how discovering a new way to open an avocado helped me put to words one of the most simple, yet profound, truths to initiating change in your life. Whether you’re looking to make a bigger impact in the lives of those in your ministry, be more connected to your spouse, go deeper with God, be a better parent, improve your health, or create a change in any area of your life… …I think you will find this video tremendously helpful:

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It’s time for your students to get fueled up for the new school year.   Here’s a fun game that features an eating contest and a physical fitness competition… all in one!   Use this preteen game, followed by a quick lesson on Daniel 1:3-17, to encourage students to stay strong in their faith.   - Nick Diliberto, Preteen Ministry   PRETEEN BACK TO SCHOOL GAME DOWNLOAD THE PDF OF THIS GAME   Written by Stef Litzler   Bible: Daniel 1:3-17   Bottom Line: Stay strong in your faith.   SUPPLIES 2 Jump ropes 2 Hula hoops 2 Sets of weights For the following...

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Now that summer is coming to an end, and school is just around the corner, students will return to a more structured routine. For some, that means the temptations they faced during the summer when they spent so much time alone, will disappear as their time is managed for them. But we know that temptation never really goes away – it will always be there. Use this summer game on temptation, followed by a quick lesson on Matthew 26:41, to encourage preteens to find ways to flee temptation. - Nick Diliberto, Preteen Ministry SUMMER PRETEEN GAME ON TEMPTATION DOWNLOAD THE PDF OF THIS GAME Written...

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Brand New Children's Ministry Curriculum

Since 2008 we've been creating preteen ministry curriculum. Now, we are doing the same for children's ministry! Our team is soooooooooo excited to announce that our kids' curriculum is now available :) What's the #1 THING that makes our curriculum unique? The simple answer is that it's... EASY TO USE AND READY TO GO Our lessons require little to no prep time. As much as you want volunteers to be well prepared for a lesson, many wait to the last minute to look at a lesson. Our lessons take only a few minutes for volunteers to be ready to teach....

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Water balloon games are an awesome way for students to enjoy time together this summer! While they are throwing balloons at each other, this fun game will provide an opportunity for preteens to explore their emotions. Whether they feel happy, frustrated, silly, or surprised, they will have a blast! Use this summer game, followed by a quick lesson, to teach preteens that emotions are a gift from God. – Nick Diliberto, Preteen Ministry SUMMER PRETEEN GAME ON EMOTIONS DOWNLOAD THE PDF OF THIS GAME Written by Stef Litzler Bible: Philippians 2:6-7; Joshua 1:9; Psalm 42:11; James 1:19-20 Bottom Line: Emotions are a gift from God. SUPPLIES  Water balloons  Sharpies...

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