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Back 2 School (DOWNLOAD)

Back 2 School (DOWNLOAD)

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It's back to school time! Say goodbye to long summer days, trips to the beach and dips in the pool. For preteens, back to school means dealing with issues like: peer pressure, respecting authority, taming the tongue, forgiveness and reaching out to classmates. They could also use some advice from older students who have struggle with similar issues. 

The Back 2 School series equips preteens to deal with all those issues! And the last lesson involves high school students sharing personal experiences of dealing with similar issues.


Week 1: Peer Pressure 

Bible: Daniel 3

Bottom Line: When you face peer pressure, take a stand for what you know is right.

Week 2: Power of Our Words (taming the tongue)

Bible: James 3:7­–11, 1:19–20; Luke 16:10; Ephesians 4:29; Colossians 3:17 

Bottom Line: Use your words to build up others, not tear them down.

Week 3: Respect for Authority 

Bible: Romans 13:1–5; Hebrews 13:17; 1 Peter 2:13–15; Titus 3:1

Bottom Line: When you show respect to those in authority, you are showing respect to God.

Week 4: Forgiveness

Bible: Matthew 18:21–35; Colossians 3:13

Bottom Line: Forgive others the way God has forgiven us.

Week 5: Being a Light at School

Bible: John 8:12; Romans 3:23; Colossians 3:13–14; Matthew 5:14–16 

Bottom Line: Let your light shine.

Week 6: Words of Wisdom (Interview high school students) 

Bible: Proverbs 19:20, 12:15, 13:10

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