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Book of Acts: 8 Week Series (DOWNLOAD)

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This is an 8-week series that takes students on a journey through the book of Acts.

Preteens will identify the Holy Spirit as God, who is with us, to help us. They will learn to understand the importance of church involvement and some of the principles the church operates by. Along with learning that just like the apostles, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in them.

Preteens will learn about the miraculous things that can be done through prayer. How Peter’s escape from prison can help preteens understand that prayer set people free in the book of Acts and it can do the same today. Learning that their walk with God will change the way they think and act as they fully obey Him.

Students will also learn:

  • God’s glory did not end when Jesus returned to heaven.
  • That the Holy Spirit is here to help us.
  • The importance of the church.
  • That prayer can set you free.

Book of Acts Overview:

Week 1: The Waiting Game

Bible Passages: Acts 1:1-11; Hebrews 6:13-15; Luke 2:25-32; Lamentations 3:25

Bottom Line: Waiting for God’s promises to be fulfilled can be an exciting time.

What’s That to Me? When He keeps His promises it’s a continuation of His story at work in our lives.

Week 2: The Holy Spirit Comes

Bible Passages: Acts 2:1-41, John 14:15-26, Acts 1:8, John 16:5-15

Bottom Line: The Holy Spirit came to be our helper.

What’s That to Me? The Holy Spirit lives in me and is available to help me when I ask Him to.

Week 3: The Church

Bible Passages: Acts 2:38-47, 1 Corinthians 12:14-28, Hebrews 10:25

Bottom Line: The church is God’s family and each of us has a place in it.

What’s That to Me? I am a necessary part of the church. I can support and encourage other followers of Jesus. I can find a place to serve.

Week 4: Supernatural God

Bible Passages: Acts 3:1-10, Matthew 14:22-33, Mark 16:17-18, 1 Corinthians 12:9-10

Bottom Line: The same power that raised Jesus from the dead now lives in us. God uses people to perform His wonders today.

What’s That to Me? The same power that raised Jesus from the grave lives in me. That means I can pray that God would use His supernatural power to do a miracle in others who need Him.

Week 5: The Power of Prayer

Bible Passages: Acts 12:1-19, 12:5, Philippians 4:6-7, Hebrews 12:1, John 8:31-32, James 5:16

Bottom Line: Prayer set people free in the book of Acts and it can do the same for people today.

What’s That to Me? Sometimes we become imprisoned in a spiritual sense, by things like fear, sin, or thoughts that are lies the devil speaks to us. God can set me free from those things through the power of prayer just like he set Peter free from prison after his friends prayed. 

Week 6: Big Changes

Bible Passages: Acts 9:1-22, John 14:15, Matthew 5:16

Bottom Line: Following Jesus needs to change the way we think and act.

What’s That to Me? Has my life changed since I’ve met Jesus? Am I allowing Him to change me? Allowing Jesus to change the way I think and act will cause others to pay attention and give me an opportunity to share Jesus with others.

Week 7: Salvation For Everyone

Bible Passages: Acts 10:1-48, Romans 10:13

Bottom Line: Everyone can choose to be a part of God’s family.

What’s That to Me? “All who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Romans 10:13. This means I can witness/share Jesus with others because everyone, no matter their age, their background, the culture, or nationality, can be a part of God’s family.

Week 8: Unstoppable

Bible Passages: Matthew 10:16-20, 1 John 4:4, Matthew 5:10

Bottom Line: Nothing stopped the disciples from their mission of sharing the good news of Jesus because they knew God was on their side.

What’s That to Me? I can be encouraged and inspired by the apostles who went in the power of the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel. They experienced beatings, arrests, imprisonments, a ship wreck but they kept going. I can remember them when I feel like I am being laughed at or bullied because of my faith in Jesus. I can be unstoppable just like they were.

What You Get:

  • A total of 8 weeks of lessons (Word & PDF)
  • Series artwork
  • Complete PowerPoint slides
  • Fun opening games
  • Creative teachings
  • Hands on small group activities
  • Engaging discussion questions

I enjoy purchasing this curriculum for my students. The lessons give me a great base to build from or just use what is there if I am in a pinch. The graphics are top notch and games are provided if that's your ministry model. Always great stuff!!

- Brad Boucher

The outlines, lessons, artwork with these weekly sessions are truly a God send for those of us with full time 'other than ministry' obligations yet wanting more for our students each week. Thank you for such quality products at very affordable costs.

- Kevin Hale

This was our first purchase and I can’t wait to start using this on Sunday mornings! Takes a lot of pressure off of us for prepping each week and it is very spot on for the circumstances we are living through currently. Thanks for the special offer!!

- Libby Allen