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Jesus - The Real Life (DOWNLOAD)

Jesus - The Real Life (DOWNLOAD)

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Jesus: The Real Life (6 Week Series) - Want preteens to experience Jesus? When preteens hear the name “Jesus”, it can sound the same as “Santa Claus” or “Peter Pan”.

Jesus can become, in their mind, a distant CHARACTER from a dusty old book. Instead, we desire for preteens to know Jesus as the real, living, breathing God in flesh.

Through this series, your preteens will come face to face with the REAL Jesus.

In “Jesus: The Real Life” series, preteens will:

Get to know Jesus’ status as 100% man and 100% God.

Realize that Jesus was once a preteen just like them.

Meet Jesus as an amazing teacher and story teller.

Encounter Jesus, the real life miracle worker.

And hopefully, through this series, Jesus will become as real and precious to them as the air that they are breathing.

Jesus: The Real Life Overview:

Lesson 1: Jesus, the Man/God

Bible: John 1:1-2, Colossians 1:17, The four Gospels
Bottom Line: Jesus was 100% God and 100% man, at the same time!

Lesson 2: Jesus, The Early Years
Bible: Luke 2
Bottom Line: Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature, and in favor with God and man.

Week 3: Jesus, the Teacher
Bible: Luke 10:25-37; Luke 8:4-8; Matthew 5:5-15; Matthew 7:28-29
Bottom Line: Jesus used great stories and parables to teach about God’s truth!

Week 4: Jesus, the Miracle Man
Bible: Matthew 8:23-27; Mark 8:22-26; Matthew 14:22-33,; Luke 7:11-15; Matthew 9:1-8; John 20:30,31
Bottom Line: Jesus proved that He was God, by performing miracles and healing people!

Week 5: Jesus, the Defeater of Satan
Bible: Matthew 4:1-11, 2 Timothy 3:16
Bottom Line: Jesus never sinned, even when Satan himself tempted Jesus.

Week 6: Jesus, the Savior of the World
Bible: Luke 22:39-46, 23:1-25; Matthew 27:27-54; 1 John 1:9
Bottom Line: Jesus took the punishment for our sins and will some day return! 


Series artwork for promotional purposes

Complete PowerPoint slides (both widescreen & standard sizes)

Fun opening games

Creative, relevant teachings

Interactive, hands-on small group activities

Engaging small group discussion questions

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