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Marvelous Light - Christmas Series (DOWNLOAD)

Marvelous Light - Christmas Series (DOWNLOAD)

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The Christmas story is widely known around the world. Many preteens know the details about how and where Jesus was miraculously born, but do they understand why? This Christmas, help preteens learn how Jesus was more than just a baby. He is The Marvelous Light! The series teaches preteens how Jesus came as a light to the world and how he calls us to shine our lights!


  • Cool opening game
  • Complete PowerPoint slides
  • Creative teaching
  • Small group activity
  • Small group discussion guide
  • And tons more!


Week 1: Simeon saw the Light
Bible: Luke 2:21-33
Bottom Line: Simeon didn’t just see a baby, he saw the Light.

Week 2: The Magi followed the light
Bible Passage: Matthew 2:1-12
Bottom Line: Just like the star that led the Magi, our light can lead others to Christ.

Week 3: Jesus is the Light of the World
Bible Passage: John 8:12
Bottom Line: Jesus came as a Light to the world.

Week 4: Let Your Light Shine
Bible Passage: Matthew 5:14-16, James 2:14-18
Bottom Line: How will you shine your light throughout this year?

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