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Master Design (DOWNLOAD)

Master Design (DOWNLOAD)

$ 59.00

A Six Week Preteen Series

Master Design is written in a small group format but flexible enough to use in a large group setting.

God does not create junk!  He carefully planned and created us according to his Master Design.  And like all creations, we are called to be a reflection of our Creator!  We are God’s masterpiece and we were created by The Master Designer to do the “good things He planned for us.”  Preteens struggle with feelings of inferiority. They are searching for a sense of purpose and meaning.  

This series gives preteens a sense of identity rooted in their relationship with God. The Master Design series will help preteens understand how their hearts, feet, hands, ears, mouths and eyes were designed by God for the specific purpose of loving Him and loving others. 

Lesson 1:  A Heart To Love God 

Lesson 2:  Feet To Follow God

Lesson 3:  Hands To Serve God

Lesson 4:  Ears To Hear God

Lesson 5:  A Mouth To Praise God

Lesson 6:  Eyes To See Others As God Sees Them

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