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Looking for a summer preteen Bible study? Looking for a fun, exciting and cool summer series for preteens?

Bam! This is it! 



Splash is a four week preteen Bible study that focuses on stories in the Bible related to water. Preteens will explore the exciting adventures of John baptizing Jesus, Peter walking on water, Jesus's conversation with the woman at the well, and Jesus washing the disciples' feet. Students will go beyond knowing the facts of these stories. They'll discover the amazing truths in these stories that have the potential to change their lives!  Preteens will also enjoy the many exciting and fun summer games included. 


Lesson 1: Baptism of Jesus

Bible: Matthew 3:5-6; 13-17

Bottom Line: Baptism is something you do to show others you’ve made a decision to follow Jesus.

Lesson 2 - Jesus & Peter Walking on Water

Bible: Matthew 14:22-32; Matthew 17:20

Bottom Line: Focus on Jesus and amazing things can happen!

Lesson 3 – Woman at the Well 

Bible: John 4:7-10;13-14

Bottom Line: Like water satisfies the body, Jesus satisfies the soul.

Lesson 4: Jesus Washing the Disciples’ Feet

Bible: John 13:1–17 (NIV); Luke 10:25–42 (NIV) 

Bottom Line: Serve others rather than yourself. 

What's Included In the Lessons? 

Fun, crazy opening game - perfect for summer & related to the lesson's theme. Creative, relevant teaching. Interactive small group activity. Engaging small group discussion questions. 

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